MD Arm Trimmers
The MD ARM TRIMMERS are engineered to burn fat and lose inches from your uppers arms! Sauna heat compression to the bicep & tricep areas allows your metabolism to increase during regular activities & working out. Our Arm Trimmer are comfortable with no slipping! Use the Arm Trimmer along with our Thigh Trimmer/ Butt Lifter for best overall results. Benefits and Features:* 2 Arm Trimmer included (pair)* Insulated material traps natural body heat* Reduces the appearance of cellulite* Trims Arms* Burns fat & lose inches* Helps shed excess water weight* Keep muscles warm* Textured lining minimizes slipping* Can be worn under loose fitting clothes* Provides compression* Tone your arms while losing inches* Helps enhance muscle definition* Stretchy, Soft, Lightweight and Unisex* Three Velcro straps/fasteners* Adjust straps for snug fit* Colors are black with red trim* Very comfortable for workout or normal daily activities* Spot train your biceps & triceps* One size fits most from S-XXXL* Length 15.5”x7.5”. Velcro straps are an additional 6” long.* Hand wash and lay flat

MD Arm Trimmers


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