HIGHER COMPRESSION & ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Instead of massive hooks used for neoprene waist trainers, this waist trainer has double-adjustment velcro straps which are easier to put on.
		STIMULATE FAT BURNING & LOSE WEIGHT-- This waist trainer Sauna belt is constructed with Flex-boning technology.
		POST PREGNANCY BODY SHAPER- Great garment for women looking to shape their body after giving birth.
		TUMMY TUCK WITH BACK SUPPORT - Our waist trainer belt is stretchy in the right places and provides tons of support to your sides and back. If you have lower back issues, our waist trainer functions as a compression binder around the waist offering lumbar support, pain relief and improved posture.
		CUSHIONS & BACK SUPPORT: 4 reinforced acrylic bones encased in the rear canvas provide support for your back.
		WHEN TO WEAR: You can wear this waist trainer during your workout if you are able to breathe and workout properly. Some people have to work their way up to working out with it on during intense workouts. If you feel short of breath or dizzy please take it off and resume wearing it for cardio, sauna use or daily use under your clothes until you are use to it.
		SIZING: Please order a size up. Runs small
		Please take a picture before you start wearing it, and pictures as you see your results. 
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MD Waist Trainer

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