Mink Diamond Lashes

Mink Diamond Lashes LLC launched April 8, 2019, by our CEO & founder, who is also an influencer to the people and the youth. Which she also find lashes as a part of everyday beauty that enriched the launching of this eyelash line.


Mink Diamond Lashes LLC provides you with lashes that are handcrafted from the highest quality human hair and offers you a range of styles at an affordable price. You will find everything from simple to dramatic strip lashes for whenever you want to feel a little glam. For more exclusive pictures, please don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @MinkDiamondLashes.

Mink Diamond Lashes LLC is introducing Mink Diamond Fitness! Fitness + Health= Worth. In today’s time we’re looking for generational worth but in order to enable this growth we must take control of our bodies. As young ladies/ women we have to learn to love our bodies enough to take care of them. Let’s start by taking control of them now! Mink Diamond Fitness is catering to all body types. Start your journey now and tag us in your pictures #minkdiamondfitness @minkdiamondlashes

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